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"NEW CANVAS-R BAG" BAG canvas -R bag

The newly renovated canvas -R bag

The best-selling item R-Croker Bag, which is constantly loved, 

has been transformed.

This product is made of Oxford canvas and leather. .

The leather trim with stitch details is designed to stand out from the classic yet sophisticated design.

Like a bucket design with a modern handle point

The front leather pocket can be used for simple card storage and business card holder.

It's lighter, so the storage space is great for a daily bag.

You can wear it on a removable shoulder.

It is a product produced by RHEEMIN'S own METAL chain.

All metal subsidiary materials are color coated at a time.

Due to the nature of colored metal, small spots or light scratches and friction

Peeling of the color coating on the metal is a natural phenomenon and is not a defect.

(Excluding SILVER, GOLD)

We understand that this is not a reason for exchange or return.

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* The detailed cut may differ slightly from the actual color due to light reflection due to the nature of the material.

* This product is domestically produced and self-made.

* Rheemin's special color could not be expressed, so specially made leather was used.

Color: camel

SIZE: Width (W): 18cm Height (H): 23cm Height (W): 16CM

Chain: 38cm (removable) Wear: 75cm (length not adjustable)

Material: LEATHER (leather), OXPORD CANVAS (Oxford canvas)